Financial Advisory Services

FSL Public Finance advises public sector and non-profit entities on a broad range of financial issues. Our team of professionals has the experience and expertise to evaluate and provide timely, focused, and innovative solutions to our clients’ financial situations. We strive to assist our clients in arriving at the best possible solution consistent with achieving their strategic and operational goals, not sell them a product.

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of financial advisory services, including:

  • Capital planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Debt analysis
  • Debt management and policy development
    • Interest rate management plans
    • Interest rate management agreements
  • Debt issuance
    • General obligation bonds
    • Revenue bonds
    • Variable rate bonds (VRDBs & Auction Rate Securities)
    • Taxable bonds
  • Private placements
    • Traditional
    • Letter of credit

FSL also has the practical experience and knowledge to help our clients achieve the lowest possible borrowing costs. We help our clients develop a financial plan which can be practically implemented to achieve their long term operational and strategic goals.