Swap Advisory Services

Our professionals have significant experience in the development and placement of derivative and financial products in the marketplace. Through our affiliation with a large, multidisciplinary professional services firm, we are able to obtain a higher level of due diligence in connection with financial products that other firms are not able to achieve. FSL provides a range of financial product services, including:

  • Risk management tools
  • Derivative products
    • Interest rate swaps
      • BMA (Tax-exempt)
      • LIBOR (Taxable)
    • Swap options, or “swaptions”
    • Caps
    • Floors
    • Collars
  • Assess the advantages/disadvantages and risks/rewards of financial products for each case
  • Negotiate with counterparties as it pertains to derivative products
  • Negotiate and comment on the ISDA Master Agreement, Schedule and Credit Support Annex
  • Asset/Liability modeling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Mark to market reports
  • Provide swap “market pricing letters ” in connection with swap pricing
  • Coordinate GASB, FASB, and annual disclosure statements

Using financial products can be an effective way to manage risks and/or hedge a debt portfolio. We enable our clients to understand, take advantage of and monitor different financial products. We take the time to explain the risks and rewards associated with financial products so that our clients make fully informed decisions.

FSL has made substantial investments in derivative technology. We have the ability to price breakeven swap rates and have the same pricing capabilities as swap providers*, as well as the ability to access and monitor real-time market data.

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